8 Enamel Pins We Need Right Now

1. Audrey Jeanne-Blue Cat: Whimsical and sweet stretching cat from artist Audrey Jeanne and The Little Drom Store.


2. Ice Cream Truck Enamel Pin: Because everyone needs to know that you love ice cream.


3. Pastel Rainbow Ferris Wheel: I’d rather admire this Ferris Wheel from the lapel of my jacket than actually ride one in real life.


4. Cactus Enamel Pin: Prickly, pokey little guys that they are, we love to wear them on our clothes.


5. Pastel Enamel Strawberry Pin: Handmade and unique, this strawberry has a lot of character and wants to be pinned to your purse ASAP.


6. Enamel Cat Pin: You love cats, but do you love cats in glasses? Of course you do.


7. Pink Tropical Bird: Stranded in suburbia? This tropical bird will remind you of better days on vacation.


8. Sprinkles Enamel Pin: You don’t need an excuse to buy this pin. You never need an excuse for sprinkles.


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