Rainy Day Activities on a $0 Budget

Other than puttering around your apartment and Snapchatting, what’s a girl to do on a rainy Saturday without spending a fortune? We have answers, and they don’t include doing your laundry.

1. Movie Marathon: Watching movies alone is one thing, but watching them with friends is another story entirely. Break out the old 3-cassette box of “Star Wars,” or watch re-runs of “The Office” until your eyes glaze over and you start to drool. Now that’s a successful marathon.

2. Create Your Own Wine & Paint Night: Dig up some old water colors and grab a sheet of computer paper, because things are about to get colorful. Wine [or sparkling cider, of course] will help set the mood for your girl’s night in. Obviously men aren’t allowed.


3. Sort Through Your Closet: This one isn’t as exciting as sipping a fine Chardonnay with a paint brush in hand, but you’ll find that it’s equally time consuming. Get rid of any piece of clothing you haven’t worn in the past year, then take it to Goodwill. Another option is to sell your clothes on Ebay or Poshmark, though you’ll only make a profit through these sites if your clothing is name brand. Learn how to sell on eBay here!

4. Exercise: You didn’t want to hear this, did you? Well, it’s true. Plenty of at-home workouts exist that don’t require any equipment, so there’s really no excuse to forget to fit in your 30 minutes a day of cardio. Yikes.


5. Visit Local Animal Shelter: Holding puppies and cuddling kittens is free, thank goodness. Each city has a shelter, so stop in and visit the critters. They’re almost always desperate for attention, and you’ll walk out wondering how to convince your partner or parents why they need a 12-year-old Pomeranian name Gregory.

6. Read a Good Book: Visit your library and peruse the stacks, or find a novel online. Almost all classics are free on the interwebs. Plus, it’s proven that reading is good for you, no matter the content, so don’t be ashamed to dig into your old stack of YA novels or read an old country western while the rain gently pours outside your window.

reading book.jpg

What activities would you add to the list?

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