7 Cutest Leashes For Your Dog

Because we don’t believe in the boring black leash from the pet store, we’ve compiled seven totally adorable ones that will make your dog feel like royalty. After all, your dog deserves to be stylish too!

1. Neon Surf: This soft peach cotton leash is the perfect summery addition to your dog’s non-existent wardrobe.


2. Ombre Dog Leash: This leash comes in a myriad of colors, and you’ll love all of them. Our favorite colors are the pink and green…mostly because they remind us of cotton candy.


3. Seersucker Preppy Dog Leash: This southern prep dog leash will make even your dog feel high class.


4. Paracord Dog Leash: This bold statement leash is five foot long and crazy durable.


5. Upcycled Climbing Rope: Straight from Colorado, this old climbing rope is the strongest leash in the business. Plus it’s adorable, practical and keeps good rope from going to waste!


6. Nautical Dog Leash: This seaside themed leash contains brass clasps and an adorable nylon pattern.


7.  Harris Tweed Dog Leash: Cute, classic and plaid—the perfect combination in our book. The turquoise wool is soft and just the accessory your dog wants.





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