wedding photographer

What Your Wedding Photographer Secretly Wants You To Know

You’re planning your wedding for the first time [and hopefully the last] and you’re doing your best with the information you have. You’ve been to a couple weddings, your parents give you some tips, and that’s about it. There are a couple rookie mistakes you can make, and this photographer is here to tell you what they are.


1. Clear up your space: I have seen some dirty, dirty rooms. Your wedding photos can’t be clean and beautiful with everyone’s trash strewn in the background. Tell your bridesmaids to stay organized and keep all their things in another room. Pictures without the clutter are always 100x better.

2. Have “a person:” When it comes to family photos, chances are that your photographer doesn’t know everybody. Especially if your family situation is complicated, it’s smart to have a person who knows people on both sides of the family, that way the photographer can focus on getting the picture instead of wondering if everyone is present.

3. Always have a meal for your photographer: We get hungry too! Provide your photographer with a plate of the same food you provide your guests, and don’t send them off to eat in the kitchen.

4. Tell your guests to put down the phones and cameras: You didn’t pay Uncle Carl to break out his big iron and photograph your wedding day, you paid your photographer. Tell your family to keep their phones and cameras at home so they can enjoy your big day [that you spend thousands of dollars on] and let your photographer do their job. The flashes from your guests can disturb a photographer’s lighting, leaving them with fewer photos to give you in the end!

5. Dark rooms are a photographer’s worst nightmare: Just because the church is close to your house doesn’t mean that it’s going to look good in the pictures. Of course we will make it work and you’ll be pleased with your photos, but they’ll look even better if there’s plenty of natural light.

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