4 Dirtiest Places In A Public Bathroom

Yo, ladies. You’re here because you’re curious. What are the dirtiest places in a public bathroom? Prepare to be enlightened. Here are five grimy places that you should treat with caution, and how to avoid contracting those nasty germs!



1. Door handles: Sick nasty people will rub their grubby mitts all over the door handles of a public restroom, so just don’t touch them. Seriously, they’re gross. This includes the door handle going out of the restroom and even the latch of the stall door itself. Feces and urine are all over these bad boys, and you don’t want someone’s scat on your hands do you? Didn’t think so.

2. Faucet: People with dirty hands fresh from a post-fiber meal want clean hands too, but they have to touch the faucet first before they can rinse their digits with soap and water. That means you’re touching their filth too, and we’re just not into that. Always turn the faucet off with a paper towel.

3. Soap Dispenser: Chances are if you’re using the soap dispenser, you’re looking to clean your hands, so you’ll wash off any nasty grime you pick up on the lever in the meantime. Just keep in mind that that thing is jam-packed with grossness. Yuck.

4. Floor: No brainer, huh? Just remember to refrain from placing your purse or backpack on the floor of a bathroom, because it will pick up all the germs sprayed into the air from a five-year-old’s wayward stream and when you flush the toilet. Even worse is when we see people put their purse on the kitchen table after they’ve been carrying it around to school, the bathroom, the mall and back. Gross. Just stop.

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