Top 8 Gorgeous iPhone Apps

Get a load of these beautiful apps, eh? They’re sharp and unique, and we’ll be downloading them promptly after we log out. See you in cyberspace.

1. Monument Valley: Mysterious and beautiful from start to finish, follow the princess Ida on her journey as she manipulates architecture and explores dazzling scene-scapes.

monument valley.jpg

2. Rusty Lake Hotel: Love puzzles? Then You’ll love Rusty Lake Hotel, a thrilling adventure through a┬ámysterious hotel with seriously weird dinner guests.


3. Never Alone: Ki Edition: Follow Alaskan Nuna and her fox friend on a story of survival and exploration in a cold, snowy world. Puzzles abound, as well as stunning visuals and strong emotion. This is true Indie gaming.


4. Limbo: Haunting and dark, Limbo is a wowing puzzle game with a unique storyline, not to mention killer graphics and music.


5. Lumino City: This game is all about paper. The colors and design are enough to knock you off your feet as you follow Lumi on her quest to find her kidnapped grandfather. Explore the city to find him!


6. Eden: The Game: The world is empty, and it’s up to you to rebuild civilization. For all you fans of world-building games [and I’m one of them!] this game’s graphics will stun you, while simultaneously keep you entertained for hours.


7. Dots & Co.: If you love the previous two games in this puzzler series [Dots and Two Dots] then you’re sure to love the third installation. The graphics have improved, and the art just got way prettier. Boom.


8. Lunar Flowers: This game might be off the radar, but it’s gorgeous in every way. Travel through a mystical fantasy world and complete challenges and puzzles along with the original score and beautiful art work and design.


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