8 Cute Wallpapers You’ll Want In Your House ASAP

Wallpaper is a scary thing, mostly because we’ve heard horror stories from our parents of when they had to rip the orange wallpaper out of our grandparents’ outdated kitchens. Yet I’m intrigued, despite their avid warnings to STAY AWAY from wallpaper. It’s just so pretty, and colorful, and some wallpapers even have woodland animals on them, so…

1. Cute Cloud Removeable Wallpaper: Hey mom and dad, this wallpaper is removeable! The clouds are adorable for an office or nursery, or anywhere you dang-well please! You can buy this yummy wallpaper here for a great price.


2. Watercolor Floral: Stop everything and look at this pattern. I’m sold. I’m in. Someone stop me from buying enough of this stuff to cover every wall in my house. Buy it here!


3. Rabbit All Star: Can adults have cute bunnies on their wall? The answer is yes. A thousand times yes. Buy this too-cute-to-be-true wallpaper here from Peony & Sage!


4. Sanja Wallpaper: I’m a huge fan of romantic wallpapers like this, mostly because they reminds me of what I imagine Jane Austen looked at everyday while she wrote her masterpieces. This wallpaper is soft, floral, and pastel—so what’s not to like? Buy this magical paper here!


5. Little Foxes Wallpaper: Woodland creatures? All over the walls? Yes, please. You don’t even have to ask me twice. Buy it here!


6. Adarna Wallpaper: This stuff is bright, colorful, and wild…which is why we like it so much. You can purchase it here!


7. Fresh Flowers Wallpaper: This sweet wallpaper is straight out of a woodland fairy tale and will brighten up your kitchen or office immediately! You can buy it here.


8. Paradise Found Wallpaper: It’s from Anthropologie, so get ready to spend a penny or two extra to get this pretty paper on your walls. Is it worth it? Oh, you bet it’s worth it. Buy it here!


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