11 Cactus Accessories You Need Right Now

We love cactuses, probably more than the average person, but we know we can’t be alone. After all, these prickly, pokey little guys need some love too—which is why we’ve compiled a list of __ cactus-themed accessories you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP.

1. Dessert Cactus Garden Phone Case: Otterbox? Nah. Cactus case? Yes. One hundred times yes. Buy it here!


2. Cacti and Time Again: This drop-dead-gorgeous watch from Modcloth made our heart stop with its cute design and sweet colors. Buy it here!

cactus watch.JPG

3. Cactus Ring Dish: This adorable dish is too cute not to purchase. We don’t just want cactus accessories for our body, but accessories for our accessories as well. Click here to purchase.


4. Iron On Patch: We are proud members of the Succulent Society, so why not advertise it on our bags? This iron on patch was made for people like us. Buy it here!


5. USB Car Charger: Stop the car so we can purchase this car charger with succulents on it! You can buy one too right here.


6. Enamel Pin: It’s common knowledge that we love love love pins. You can place them anywhere—from your purse to your sweater. Buy this cactus pin here!


7. Cactus Tote: This tote is perfect to fill with all your other cactus accessories, right? Buy it here!


8. Plants Are Friends Button Set: We need these on every bag we own, and we know you do too. Cute and simple—these satisfy our craving for cactus accessories to a tee. Buy here!


9. Cactus Cap: Ten out of ten—would wear! It’s sporty and fun, and advertises our love of cactuses, which is what we want. Buy here!


10. Pink Cactus Makeup Bag: This bag is everything we’ve ever wanted and more. The pink and green, plus the stripes? Stop us, we’re drooling over here! Buy it here NOW.


11. Agave Everything T-Shirt: We can’t forget the sweet little agave in this roundup. This shirt is soft, pretty and totally our style. Buy it here.



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