7 Non-Negotiables in a Relationship

Answer the following questions about your relationship to determine your compatibility. This quiz is completely scientific, and must be taken as fact.


1. Your boyfriend is on a walk and sees a turtle in the middle of the road. Does he move the turtle out of harm’s way?

  • Yes, the turtles are now safely waddling in the grass: Stick with this hero.
  • No, he leaves them there to die: Dump him.

2. Your boyfriend asks what movie you want to watch, but you tell him to choose instead. What movie does he choose?

  • “Shrek:” This man is golden.
  • Any movie with John Travolta: Time to say goodbye.

3. You and your boyfriend are on a diet. He sees you sneak a truffle at the wedding you’re attending that weekend. What does he say?

  • “Do you, baby girl:” Grab him and give him a kiss.
  • “Is that a truffle in your hand?”: Bye.

4. Your car is malfunctioning and you don’t know what to do. You ask your boyfriend for advice and he says:

  • “idk lol:” It’s time to dump his sorry backside.
  • “Pop the hood:” Take deep breaths and try not to choke him in a hug.

5. You’re on a romantic walk with your boyfriend in the park when you stumble upon a clump of children on the playground. What does your boyfriend say?

  • “Look, small humans:” Re-evaluate your relationship choices.
  • “I can’t wait until we can shop for baby clothes at Carters together:” Try not to blush.

6. Your boyfriend introduces you to an acquaintance you bump into in the frozen foods aisle. What does he say?

  • “This is your name here:” Excuse me? TTYN. (Talk to you never)
  • “This is your name here, my girlfriend:” Dip him in a kiss right there next to the frozen chicken fingers.

7. Your boyfriend sees a video of a polar bear playing with a rock on Facebook. What does he do?

  • He tags you in the comments: He just knows you.
  • He keeps scrolling: OMG, does he even know you?

If you answered mostly GREEN then it sounds like you’ve finally found your soul mate. If you answered mostly PINK, then we suggest sitting him down for several long talks. You’re probably not meant to be though. Sorry!


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