Recipe: Blue Sky Jello

We’re always looking for an easy recipe that’s both sweet and satisfying, especially during the hot summer months. This Blue Sky Jello is cool, colorful and will take away all your sugar cravings. We’re in love with the bright blue jello skies and whipped cream clouds, as well as the Lucky Charms marshmallow rainbows! Here’s the recipe.


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2 packages of Blue Raspberry Jello

Whipped Cream (Heavy Whipping Cream + Sugar + 1 tsp. vanilla extract = whip them together and chill!)

Marshmallow Rainbows from Lucky Charms Cereal


1. Make the jello by following the instructions on the box. Put the jello in the fridge to chill. If needed, add ice cubes to speed up the process.

2. Place the jello in the bottom of a jar, then add scoops of whipped cream in clumps. Surround the clumps by more blue jello. You want the jar to have a “cloudy sky” look!

3. Add Lucky Charms marshmallow rainbows on top as a garnish. And voila!


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