Surprising Things That Happen To Your Hair When You Dye It

1. Your texture can change: Yeah, we didn’t know this either. If you add a gloss to your hair, the strands could become straighter, while dying it platinum blonde could ruin your curls!


2. Darker dyes could be worse for you: The brunette over here is freaking out. You’d think bleach would be the most dangerous chemical out there, but you’re wrong—it’s lead acetate! The FDA can’t ban hair dyes as long as the package contains a warning.

3. Dyes can thicken your hair: If you are adding color (and not bleaching it, stripping it of its color) you are adding density to each strand of hair, making each one weigh more. This will give you slightly thicker hair. Let the thin-haired girls rejoice!

4.Dyes can cause cancer: Yiiiiiiikkkkesss….We’re totally not okay with this one. According to a recent study, the most dangerous types of dyes are permanent and semi-permanent, though the findings are still mixed in the medical research community.

5. Colors are time consuming: We love the colored hair trends that are in right now, like a soft gray dye or even mermaid hair! However, these take tons and tons of upkeep, so make sure before you dye your hair purple that you have the money and time to take care of your new doo.


6.The color could fade faster than you thought: If not taken care of properly, the dye could fade quickly from your hair, even if it’s a permanent or semi-permanent dye! Avoid chlorine, taking too many showers and make sure to use color-treating shampoo and conditioner. (These can be pricey, but they’ll help hold your color longer, so it’s worth it!

One thought on “Surprising Things That Happen To Your Hair When You Dye It

  1. wow i didnt know it could cause cancer and ive actually wanted to dye my hair jet black but after readig this, just might stay natural lol. check out my blog ❤


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