TRENDING: Circular Boho Beach Towels

It seems that as a society, we’ve moved past the average rectangular beach towel and are now exclusively using circular beach towels instead. At least that’s what we tell ourselves when we check out the price tags on these bad boys. But gosh, are they beautiful. We’ve scoured the interwebs and collected the top 10 cutest boho beach towels so you can drool over them with us.

1. Aquatic Lotus Luxury Towel via Epoch Collective: This luxury beach towel comes with its own duffel bag for protection during traveling, because all beach towels should be save from the contents of our suitcases, duh. Is it adorable? Yes. Do we want it? Probably.

Photo Credit: Epoch Collective

2. Round Towel Tulum via Beginning Boutique: While we usually stray towards the bright colors and pastels, this black and cream circular towel still caught our eye with the sharp lines and unique design!


3. Round Towel Palm Springs via Beginning Boutique: The soft cotton material paired with the funky southwest pattern is sure to be a hit at the beach this summer!


4.Bambury Tulum Round Beach Towel via swimwear galore:This pretty thing is perfect for the sweet personality on your beach trip. We adore the unique pattern!


5. Spotted via Sandy Nomad: Yep, we’re about to call it quits on this list because this towel might just be the one for us. The conflicting patterns of stripes and polka dots is both unique and classy.


6. American Dreamer Round Towel via Vagabond: Whether you’re a patriot or you just like the red, white and blue, this towel is perfect for any beach vacay you have planned in your future. Buyyyyying it!


7. Round Towel with Palm Print via Arrow and Heart: We love the greenery and palm leaves on this round towel. It’s sure to remind you of your vacation no matter the time of year.


8.Vagabond Beach Blue Lagoon Towel via The Soul Project: This towel is to die for. We feel like we’re looking into the deep blue eye of the earth or something, and we’re loving it. The colors are vibrant and the material is terry cloth!


9. Vagabond Beach Spirit Towel via The Soul Project: We’re reminded immediately of a southwest sunset, with the warm stripes of color. 10 percent of the proceeds go to supporting oceans and forests too!


10. The Round Towel via Cotton On: We saved the best for last. This round watermelon towel makes us want to lay in the sunshine, sip mimosas and never, ever return. Who knew a towel could inspire such emotion?

Capture*The photos depicted belong to the companies they advertise.

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