We Totes Love These Summer Totes

1. Eliza Gran Venice Tote: Tassels and straw? Are you kidding me right now, because of course we love this tote! We’re checking our bank account balance, because we are so ready to buy this for our trip to the beach. Buy it here!



2. Kaitlyn Beige Pineapple Tote: Obviously we love pineapples, but do we love them on our tote bags? We totes do. Grab one here!


3. Watermelon Tote Bag: Everyone knows how much we love fruit on our accessories, but we’re total suckers when it come to watermelon. Buy this bag here, you know you want to!


4. Polka Dot Gray Tote: This handmade tote is so cute and affordable it hurts! The leather strap handles and sweet, muted tones are perfectly understated for the summer. Buy it here!


5. Myrcer Tote:  This tote bag is totally unique, with its embroidery, tassels and leather handles. It’s affordable too, which means you won’t have to feel guilty buying this super expensive looking bag for your beach vacation! Buy it here.


6. Valerie Multi Tassel Wide Tote: This all-cotton striped bag has clean lines and sharp colors. You can buy one here!


7. Mumu x Nena and Co Beach Bag: This rainbow bag is bright, colorful and perfect for any tropical vacation. We love it, and we know you do too. Buy it here!


8. South Beach Watermelon Bag: You knew there would be a watermelon tote in this roundup, didn’t you? We love how simple this is, and how beachy it makes us feel even when we’re stuck in suburbia. Buy it here!


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